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How Facebook Helps Small Scale Businesses

Social media nowadays like Facebook has greatly helped most of the businesses that made good use of it. Small scale businesses in particular have tremendously benefited from using it. Prior to the evolution of social media, businesses have struggled for survival when it comes to their marketing efforts because they need to spend a huge amount for their advertisement and promotional drives to reach a wider market. With the aid of social media marketing, they were able to pull it off and manage to level up their performance.

Through Facebook, small scale businesses can now compete with big time companies. Though they are not really at par with them, but at least with the help of social media they are slowly but surely making a name for their business. Now more than ever, small scale businesses are brave enough to continuously evolve and to reach greater heights toward the achievement of the desired success. This is simply a manifestation of how powerful social media marketing as a business tool. But how does Facebook can help them to bravely press on in this highly competitive business world?

1. Free advertisement. Through Facebook, you can advertise your small scale business worldwide for free by uploading photos, making blurbs and even direct selling to customers through chat or video call. For as long as you know how to capitalize its features, your products or services will surely survive. With this, success is very inevitable.

2. Connection with customers. Like most social networking sites do, Facebook connects people whenever and wherever. There’s a link between the business and the customers and as you can see, building a good business relationship is very easy. Through constant communication with customers, you will determine what needs to be improved to ensure quality, customer satisfaction and patronage.

3. Virtual transactions. With Facebook, you can transact business with other people wherever you may be. You don’t need to go somewhere just to peddle your business because with just a click from your mouse, you can easily make a deal with potential customers. Therefore all transactions are done online and that means less hassle on your part. You just need to be extra careful in dealing with online transactions to avoid problems along the way.

By all means, Facebook really boost the morale of small scale businesses. Many businesses have experience growth through it. If you are only creative in making your online presentation more appealing to customers, then you can expect that it’s already in the bag. Just make sure that you have a high speed internet connection to avoid interruption of online transactions.

Solving Your Most Pressing Business Problems – Part Three

Part one was getting your customers to buy more, part two was motivating your employees. In part three I am going to talk about getting more customers. We need our customers. Whether you are a new business or one that has been around for a while we all need new customers. If you are new, you have to build up a customer base. If you have been in business a while you need to replace those that have left and add new ones to continue to grow. So how can you find these customers? Well first you need to identify who your customers are. Not by name, but by demographic. Where do they shop, what do they buy, how much do they make, what do they do in the off time, where do they work, what do they do for a living, how many kids do they have, where do the kids go to school and what after work activities do they like. These along with other questions will help identify who your customers are. More importantly, it will help identify how you can reach them and entice them into your business. By the way, this isn’t just for business to consumer businesses, even if you sell business to business you are still dealing with people and it is the people that you want to connect with.

Now in order for your new customer campaign to be successful, you need to reach the ‘customer’ at the time when they most need your product or service. For example, if you are an electrician, you probably want to reach your potential customer when the power goes out. That would be ideal. Power goes out, they need someone to get it back on. If you’re an auto mechanic, you want to be in front of them when the car needs repair. The business that is foremost in their minds when they need it will get the call. If they need to take a vacation and you’re a travel agent, you want to be in front of them at that time. Same with bankers if they need a loan. If no one is in front of them at the time, then it is a free for all. So you want to be there when they need you.

So, how can you be sure to be in front of them when they need you? Every business is going to be different. For a mechanic, you would want something that helps them in their time of need. Perhaps flares or reflectors, with your name and number on them of course. If you are in the service industry, you might want an emergency kit imprinted with your information on it. Insurance agents could use flash lights. Real Estate Agents and banks love calendars as a constant reminder. But, every business has something that will be useful and in front of the customer when they need it the most.

When we bought our house years ago and we needed oil for the winter there was a sticker on the door to the storage room that had all the contact information on it. It was in front of me when I needed to get the oil. I called the company and for years they provided the service. That simple sticker probably cost them less than a dollar and they got at least two customers with it, the previous tenet and me.

There is one word of caution here. You want to make sure that the item you use has some perceived value to the customer. Otherwise it may never make it into the home to be there when they need it. A simple LED flashlight for the car or home is great but a business card will end up in the trash.