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Why You Need To Make Article Marketing an Important Part of Your Business

Chances are when you started your online business you had no idea just how much of an impact the “written word” was going to have on the success of your business. You may be one of those many people that find it difficult to put your thoughts to paper or in this case onto a screen, and have had to rely on professionals to take care of this part of your business. There is nothing wrong with this, but the problem is this can be an going expense as you must be constantly marketing your business to enjoy a steady growth rate and it takes written content to do this.

Perhaps when you started your online business you did not perceive that you would also have to be a writer as well. It is pretty difficult if you are selling heavy duty motors and this is your area of expertise, to change hats and become an eloquent writer. It is a necessity however because you are running a virtual business. This means that your presentation for the most part about who you are and what your business has to offer, has to come through the written word. Your written words are one of the strongest marketing tools that you have available to you, and this will soon become evident when you learn all about article marketing.

If you have your business up and running you may not have realized it but you really have made use of a great many types of written material. If you have been cutting costs then you have compiled this yourself, otherwise you have probably used professional services. Your written materials would have focused on your site content as well as your marketing and promotional materials. The article writing that we are going to cover here is an extension of your marketing portfolio. Whether you decide to do your own article writing or have it professionally done, you need to make informed decisions along the way. First however its important for you to understand what article marketing is, how it is done, and why it is such a critical part to the success of your business.

What are articles?

Articles can take on many forms. They can be a short story, or a collection of facts and information, or even a “how to” do something. For your business you can make use of any and all of these variations to promote your business. Articles are not sales copy, and this is where people often fail when using article marketing as they fail to realize what their true purpose is.

What do articles do for business?

A good article marketing campaign will serve two purposes. It will educate and inform people about your business which will then entice people to come to your site to check you out. The goal of the article is not to make a sale, that’s up to your website content to do that. Your focus here is to have something to offer to the reader that is so compelling and exciting that they just have to find out more about what you are saying. You do not use the article content to promote your business directly. You are using your articles to create an interest in what your type of business does or has to offer.

What are the basics of a good article?

The first responsibility of the article has to be to grab a potential reader’s attention. This means you need to have a great title that is going to do this. Then once you have accomplished this you need to immediately create an interest or curiosity, which is what your first opening paragraph will do which is the introductory paragraph. Then the body of the article has to provide something for the reader. It could be valuable information about the topic of the article. Hopefully this will be information that they didn’t have before, or it could be something that helps them to do something. Then your last paragraph has to sum up what the article has been about. This paragraph has to put out indicators that the information they have received so far is only the beginning, and that is lots more exciting stuff waiting for them.

Finally there is a resource box that is put at the end of your article. This is where you advise the reader where they can continue to find more great information. This is your “call to action”. And your call to action is getting this reader to come and visit your site. This means that this section of your article has to be as compelling as the article itself is.

Getting the articles out to the right places

Now after putting all this hard work into writing your articles, you now have to get these out to the right places. There is no point in only put these types of articles on your website because remember we are trying to get people to come to the site by using these. By the same token though, it’s a good practice to have a good selection of articles on your site as well, because it will keep people coming back to the site. For the traffic drawing articles though you need to get them spread out across the web. This is done by locating good article directory sites which there are many to be found on the internet. Be sure to do some research into this, and find article directory sites that are established and have a large number of visitors, and will allow you to put links back to your site in the resource box. If they do not allow you to do this then the article will not serve your purpose.

There you have the basics of article marketing. Make a point of working at perfecting your article marketing skills on a ongoing basis as they are a very powerful business tool. Measure your success by tracking the amount of traffic to your site. The increase in web traffic will also encourage you to do more. Happy writing!

How To Choose A MLM Home Business

In today’s economy everyone is looking for ways to make money. Most family households need two people to work to take care of the monthly bills and keep food on the table. A lot of people are now looking for a mlm home business so they can be their own boss and have the freedom to set their own schedule. This way they can spend more time with their family and be able to attend their children’s activities. In this article I am going to give some tips on what to look for in a mlm home business.

Reputable Company:

When looking at a home business you want to make sure the company you are going to associate yourself with has been in business for a while. This way you know they have a good work history. So, a good rule of thumb is to look at companies that have been in business for at least ten years.


If you are going to start your own business you are going to want to have a product you are proud to represent. Is the product good for the environment? When I say this, are the products natural or green. In today’s world everyone is looking for products that don’t affect the environment or their health. If it is bad for the environment or their health, they are probably not going to buy it. Also, you want to look at if the product is something they use in their everyday life or is it a product they will use occasionally.

Price of Products:

The price of the products you are going to carry is another factor. You want to carry products that are comparable to the prices people can purchase in their local areas. If the prices are so high, people will go to their local store to buy it. Some home based businesses have programs that don’t even charge shipping for their products, only sales tax. This way it is just like the person bought it in their local store.


What you will be paid is a huge factor in choosing the right business.In most mlm businesses you receive a commission on all the products you sell. This percentage ranges from 15% to 40% depending on how well you work your business. A good place to start out at would be 25%. Some companies give bonuses to individuals who build a team of associates. This way you get a percentage of your team sales. Most companies require you personally have a certain amount of sales each month to get a bonus, so make sure you check the requirements with the company. Also, there are some companies out there who make you attain certain sales levels, once you build a team, to keep your team of associates. This practice is not good!

Cost To Start Your Business:

The cost to start your own mlm home business ranges from $10 to $500 depending on the company you choose. Some companies require a monthly auto-ship of products each month on top of your start-up costs. This normally ranges from $30 to $100. There are companies that require you to attain certain sales levels to keep your business active. For example, I know a company that requires you to have $150 every three months and you have to get the $150 in one month. You can not attain it over the three months. This is a bad practice in my opinion.


Look for a company that has good support and willing to help you with your business. Some companies will give you a website to build your business along with some business tools. Also, they will provide you a training website so you can learn about the company and business. Make sure the company you are going to work with has a good return policy or money back guarantee on their products.

6 Business Trends Baby Boomers Aren’t Ready for That Could Cost Millions

What spurred this article was actually several pieces of research that I have recently read on each one of these 6 areas and its impact on different generations. While none of them focused on the boomer generations specifically, I was able to glean from all of them put together that there’s a rude awakening coming like freight train. Boomers will face a choice over the next 5 to 8 years to embrace these concepts or be wiped out by those of us who do.

1. Mobile Technology – Over the last year alone, I’ve met hundreds of business owners. And only 1 out of about 20 has a smart phone. What’s up with that? Even less have an iPad or some sort of tablet. By the way, having a blackberry doesn’t count! My iPhone increased my productivity and created freedom for me in my business. My iPad took it to another level. But I first had to take the leap and invest in the technology.

2. Social technology – This is a bit of surprise given that just over 1/3 of the American population is on Facebook and another 1/3 is on some other sort of social platform. This means that there are over 200 million people participating, in most cases daily on social technology. This is as opposed to traditional media that has lost over 80% of its readers, viewers, watchers, etc over the last 5 years. So think of it like this. If you are going fishing, don’t you want to fish where the largest concentrations of fish are? Not participating in social technology is the equivalent of fishing in your bathtub hoping to catch that record-breaking bass. It just isn’t going to happen.

3. The death of traditional media – I know this won’t come as a shock, but traditional media is dying. What will come as a shock is how much you will have to change your business to deal with this. Most boomers are not ready for this and continue to pump money into traditional marketing methods and use outdated practices. A good example of this is your business cards. For the most part, 95% of business owners can stop using business cards. Mobile and social technology have all but erased the need. But some people are still holding on.

4. Consumer driven businesses - Like it or not, consumers have more input now on the growth and direction of your business than ever before. An example of that is a local burger franchise near us. We learned about it via Facebook. Several of our “friends” suggested it so we checked it out and then we suggested it. On their Facebook page, they asked for input about specialty burgers and got a ton of input. They also got several suggestions on changes to the service, wireless internet, etc. I monitored this for a while and noticed that they listened to a few of the burger suggestions, but discarded most. People complained on their Facebook page. They ignored it. I saw more complaints about the service and how “they don’t care about us” started popping up on the page more and more. Then customers revolved and gave their business to a competitor. And then wrote about it on their page.

5. Virtual businesses – This is one of the hottest trends in business right now. You are going to see an explosion of virtual businesses over the next few years and it will just get stronger. A couple of the main reasons are technology. You can set up a website, relationships, drop shipping, a remote sales team, and a ton of other really cool things for most businesses these days. Even traditional retail businesses can be run out of a home and products can be shipped or services offered over the phone or web. There’s no reason you can’t run your business this way except for one… Stubbornness. I’ve run into many boomers who won’t accept some guy working at home in his Sponge Bob PJ’s. I get it. I’m more of a Transformers guy anyway. But the fact is that some boomers feel if they don’t see your face in the office you must not be working.

6. The freemium – Google took this concept to a new level with their concept of, “give your best stuff away”. It’s caught on with the 35 and under crowd, but boomers will struggle significantly to give away their best stuff. What most don’t realize is that if you aren’t willing to give it away, someone else is and your prospect will go in their business funnel and NOT yours!

So how is this going to cost you millions? Let’s look at the math and start with a company that is generating $500K in annual revenues and look at two factors. The first factor is the negative impact these 6 trends can have on your business if you DON’T embrace. If each one is just worth 10% of your annual revenues, combined together you stand to lose 60% or 300K per year.

The second factor is what you stand to gain by implementing these. First off you SAVE that 60% that you would have lost and if each of the 6 trends can improve your business just 10% per year, you stand to gain 60% or 300K per year. Both of these factors put together and you may be giving away 600K per year. The numbers add up fast on this little business and they are giving away $6 Million over 10 years.

The sad news is that they will likely go out of business well before 10 years. So on the bright side, they don’t lose the $6 Million in possible revenues…