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How to Verify the Validity of a Business Venture

People are always looking for opportunities to generate extra revenue. The business person is looking to acquire existing businesses or start new ventures while many others like you and me are looking for that rare opportunity to start our own small business. At the end of the day, we all want to invest to improve our way of life and that of our family. When we undertake a search in Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines we get a range of franchising options but how do we decide which of these are real business opportunities and which are scams. Well, there are a several criteria we have to look at to verify that the information being presented is true.

Firstly, we must check to see that the source of the information is true. A lot of time and effort is necessary ensure that the source of the information is correct because you will definitely not want to spend your hard-earned money on a venture that actually does not exist. There are many advertisements that are placed all over the internet by people who are looking to scam you. Remember, advertisements can also take the form of an e-mail too as unscrupulous individuals are very enterprising in this age of technology. All of these advertisements are designed to lure you into spending money but you will not get any return on your investment. Unfortunately, I was the victim of one of these scams. I was the recipient of an e-mail from an organisation that supposedly caters to Search Engine Optimization and seeing that the majority of my sales were from face to face interactions I wanted to improve my business’s viability through search engines. As such, I communicated with the organisation a number of times and I felt a degree of confidence so I asked for the pricing for the service. However, after I made the payment I was never again able to get any feedback from the company. E-mails were not answered and the nobody answered in the chat area. If I had done some more research I would have noticed that other customers had bad experiences with the company. I tried to stop the payment through PayPal but the company was aware of PayPal’s Policy with regard to this service so I was scammed of my money.

Before you make a payment for any product or service verify the information being provided from other sources. Ask the representative of that company to provide references including the contact information for the references provided and do not accept this information as the end of the validation process. Verify that the references provided actually exist. Subsequent, to my first experience with an illegitimate Search Engine Optimization service provider I received another e-mail and I asked for references. The representative indicated that his company got my information from a marketing company that manually mines the data and that the company that he works for was only one year old and that they were based in India. Being one year old was not a problem because I knew there are a lot of technology companies in India so I was willing to give them a chance once they met the criteria. However, the first reference that I checked was incorrect as neither the company nor the site even existed. If any individual or business that is looking to get you to buy a service or product from them then they must display a high level of honesty. If that is not provided then it is best that you stay as far away from them as possible. Afterall, every relationship, no matter the type, must be centered around trust.

Any legitimate organisation should be registered with organisations that can justify its existence. Validation can be determined from registration information that is available through searches in a database of state agencies such as company registry. In Trinidad and Tobago businesses are registered with the Registrar General’s Department of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and any registered company can be found through a search of the online companies registry through the link Businesses registered in the United States of America are done so through individual state agencies, the information on companies in the state of Nevada can found through the following link

In summary, if you cannot verify the information that is being provided it is highly likely that the information is untrustworthy. As such, you should stay away from business opportunities that meet this criteria.

3 Big Benefits Of Using Social Media In Your Business

With the advent of the internet revolution, several social platforms have sprung up in the internet where individuals interact with each other. The most popular social sites have been Facebook and Twitter, who collectively have over 1.5 billion users in the world. Others include Blog, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more sites. Everyone spends some time in a day browsing the internet and the social sites. Businesses, especially small businesses, seem to have noticed this and taken advantage of the large number of people in social platforms.

Most businesses now use social media to promote and market its products and services as well as to interact with its existing and potential customers. Many businesses are creating their social accounts and pages in the platforms, from which users can access and learn more about the specific business. This interest in social media has not come in vain, as these businesses have ripped and continue to rip numerous benefits from their involvement in social media.

The following are some of the major benefits:

1. A Convenient Customer Service platform
Since social media was introduced, the number of users has increased rapidly. This is a trend that does not seem to stop soon, in fact it has just began. The world of social media is growing bigger, and many people are relying on online searches to find whatever product or service they need. Businesses that use the various social platforms now use it for customer services. They get to interact with its clients, show the products they offer. Customers ask questions and queries, which they are able to reply to with speed. Furthermore, customers who raise complaints and post negative comments are helped to solve their complaints. The queries and complaints are good customer feedback, helping the business to redesign their products and fix the raised problems in order to please the customer. Such businesses are therefore able to maintain and increase their customers’ loyalty, translating to increased sales revenue.

2. A Marketing Campaign tool
Nowadays, it is not unusual to find businesses marketing their products in social media. With the many people involved in social platforms, information spreads faster than anticipated. A business in social network can create new unexpected markets within the shortest time. Should a business post a hot and great deal, there is a tendency for people to share the post with other users. People’s insights and participation will be drawn to the trending subject, creating a marketing campaign. This tool is very cost effective, but leads to great benefits; increased customer base, brand awareness and most importantly, sales.

3. Increase in industry clout and giving you an edge over competitors
Social medias have really helped businesses wishing to attract new customers or enhance their relationships with existing customers. Businesses use the media to advertise their products, job recruitment, disseminate news and information about it to the social domain. By this, they are seen as active participants in the business industry, and therefore get an upper edge over its competitors. It increases its market share and is able to enjoy its benefits.

Run Your Own Online Home Business

Online business owners are always looking to get themselves heard; especially now that social media has hit a high point in popularity. Blogs, websites and forums are filled with interesting people who want to look for a business they are interested in. While working towards this online business, you’ll be expected to have home party plans involved with your business as soon as you join and become a member of the online business community. As you grow you will draw in more viewers which will create a rating towards your business. This will be crucial to have when starting your online career. Let people hear what you want to say to them. You may find that you have a lot in common with most of them.

Think You Can Handle It?

In order to become successful with your online home business, which might gear more towards an at home party business demographic, don’t be afraid to get personal. Try writing a little bit about yourself and who you are as a business professional. People like to know who they are conducting business with. Be sure to talk about what you do in your daily life and what websites you may have available for others to check out. With this information, you can look for the ideal position where just enough people will be able to view your business. There’s always room for improvement however, and there are websites out there that can help a new business owner move into the online community. It’s not easy for everyone, so it’s good that these sites are available to help transition a business. More exposure will eventually nab you a good starting amount of viewers.

What it’s All About

Research conducted based on information given on new online businesses state that there are many who are interested in having an online only business, but have no idea where or how to begin. That’s why it’s good to keep things simple at first. Make sure that there is an audience for your business and that over time enough sales can be made to turn a profit way down the line. You should also make sure that someone will provide you feedback for your business. What works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved to be made better over time are important questions to ask. You can even go to websites that specialize in providing feedback to other businesses. They help point out the weak and strong points. Over time, with improvements being made, these weak points will start to vanish and the strong points will stand out.

Try it Out

An online home business is only a mouse click away. Join the online community and you will be able to come up with enough traffic to gain an audience. A bigger audience gets your name out and with enough time, patience and a little luck could create a potential career. Let your work be seen and be appreciated for all the hard work that you put towards them. Having an online business is your ticket to getting the most out of what you love. Take a chance and explore what lies within the internet superhighway.